Friendly disregard.

For Angeline: scribbled down after she confessed her new favorite word to be “inebriation.”

With some exasperation
She claimed inebriation
Was the only valid reason she had slurred;

But his intoxication
With her sophistication
Made her elegance the only thing he heard.

With great elaboration–
And some exaggeration–
He described her to his colleagues that next day.

After much deliberation,
And a short interrogation,
They decided that his heart had gone astray.

Their sage prognostication
Warned that his infatuation
Would vanish in the light of further news.

His keen anticipation
Did result in confrontation–
When he asked her for a date, she blew a fuse.

His failed expropriation
And her violent protestation
Was because she had a secret to confess.

A subtle complication
Was her cohabitation:
She was married to his boss–it was a mess.

It was a revelation–
And his prompt capitulation
Made her sorry she had let him down so hard.

To calm his perturbation
She suggested a libation–
And they raised a glass in friendly disregard.

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